Talk to a therapist

Our aim is to make our sex addiction and porn addiction therapy services accessible to people from a wide range of financial situations.  This means that we operate a variable fee structure with a range of payment options and some clients pay more than others for our services. As part of our commitment to making our services available to as many people as possible, the Laurel Centre also donates 10% of its annual profit into a bursary fund. This bursary will help subsidise places on our recovery courses for people who otherwise could not afford to attend. Our bursary fund is also kindly supported by the generous donations of previous course attendees.

To enable the Laurel Centre to provide services to people with a variety of financial means, we have a flexible fee structure starting from £80 to £225. All our associates are trained to the same high standards and work within the Laurel Centre framework but each sets their fees in line with their individual circumstances. Some low cost therapy options may be available to those unable to afford the minimum fees through our therapists in training.

We recommend that all clients use our ‘Talk to a Therapist‘ service during which you’ll have the opportunity to talk about the problems you’re seeking help for. Your therapist will want to learn more about your individual situation and circumstances and will discuss the services that we can offer and the ways that we can help you.  And during this appointment you can also discuss how much you can afford for ongoing individual or couple counselling and also the payment options for our sex addiction recovery courses or partner support groups.  Generally speaking, our group work programmes are the most cost-effective way of gaining understanding about sex addiction, establishing recovery and identifying any underlying, unresolved causes.  If a course is the best approach for you, then we will request a deposit to secure a place, but the balance can be spread over monthly instalments to suit your financial circumstances.

Please note that we require 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment and the full fee may be taken if we are unable to re-fill your slot time.

Typical fee range

You can reserve a place on any of our scheduled face-to-face courses for a fixed fee of £125 which includes the initial consultation, final booking is confirmed after receipt of £800 deposit (£500 for partner groups).

*Our therapists in training are all fully qualified and experienced counsellors who have completed at least module 1 of 3 modules of our Accredited Diploma in Sex Addiction Counselling and are supervised by an experienced sex addiction therapist.