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Sex Addiction & Porn<br>Addiction Services

We believe that everyone has to find their own road into recovery from sex, love & porn addiction and every partner has to find their own way of coming to terms with the trauma of betrayal – that’s why we offer a range of different services to meet your individual needs. For more about our approach, please follow this link.

We also know that some people will have particular needs relating to their specific circumstances, whether that’s to do with their gender, their age, their sexual orientation, their faith system or their financial situation – which is why we have a team of therapists from a range of different backgrounds and offer group work programmes tailored to specific client groups.

We provide services in London and around the UK and beyond through our network of Regional Associates as well as services via video conferencing for those who live in locations where there is no expert help.

NB, whilst Covid transmission continues to be a threat, our programmes are also available online

All of our Associates are highly experienced sex addiction & porn addiction counsellors and psychotherapists who have undertaken further Diploma level training. For people on low incomes we are also able to offer low cost sex addiction therapy with experienced counsellors and psychotherapists who are currently undertaking our Diploma in Sex Addiction Counselling.

Our services include: