Our Values
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 – Being qualified, professionally competent and working within the professional ethical frameworks are standard pre-requisites for any counsellor. We strive to go further. Making clients feel safe, in our field, requires an unreserved compassion to create an environment suitable for treating a unique type of trauma and distress. 

Client-focus – Again, above and beyond the standard and expected ethical code of practice, we expect every decision, direction or day-to-day operation of the organisation to put clients first; from our written correspondence, to the way we craft our therapeutic modalities. 

Optimism – Whilst ‘optimism’ is often used casually in everyday discourse its true definition is a ‘hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something’. We believe delivering compassionate and truly effective support requires a confidence in our clients, unconditional positive regard and genuine conviction that, with our help, they will be able to triumph. 

Respect – We believe creating the right environment for therapy requires mutual respect that is unconditional. Whilst this may be a lot to expect from our clients in their most difficult moments, it is a value our staff will always uphold with each other and with regards to client autonomy. Similarly, we are proud to foster the same culture amongst peers in our field and respect all contributions to research and practice, regardless of commercial competition or differences in professional opinion. 

Continued-development – We encourage practice based on a variety of therapeutic modalities and work hard to ensure our services are in line with latest research and thinking. Our Associates view continued development as critical to their ability to have a positive impact on the lives of the people we exist for. Similarly, we encourage our clients to also think in terms of continued development as an important part of their recovery journey.