This validated screening measure, CSBD-19*, has been designed by professionals and academics in line with the World Health Organisations definition of CSBD (Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder) in ICD-11.  You can use it to help you consider if your behaviours might be classified as a compulsive disorder. 

Below are a number of statements that describe various thoughts, feelings, and behaviours about sex. Please, think back to the past six months and indicate on the following 4-point scale to what extent the statements apply to you. There are no right or wrong answers.

For the purpose of this questionnaire, sex is defined as any activity or behaviour that stimulates or arouses a person with the intent to produce an orgasm or sexual pleasure (e.g., self-masturbation or solosex, using pornography, intercourse with a partner, oral sex, anal sex, etc.). Sexual behaviours may or may not involve a partner.

*Bothe, B., Potenza M.N., Griffiths, M.D., Kraus, S.W., Klein, V., Fuss, J., & Demetrovics, Z. (2020). The Development of the Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder Scale (CSBD-19): An ICD-11 Based Screening Measure Across Three Languages. Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 9(2), 247-258.