Understanding Partner’s Needs & Rebuilding Trust – Online

Sex and porn addiction can devastate partners and many people struggle to know how to support their partners whilst continuing on their own recovery journey. This 4 hour workshop  focuses on understanding partner’s needs, improving communication and developing the essential requirements for rebuilding trust.

Workshop contents:

The workshop has been specifically designed for people with addiction who are already in recovery and want additional insight and resources to rebuild their relationship and trust. The workshop will help attendees to:-

  • Understand the essentials of rebuilding trust
  • Understand the emotional impact on partners
  • Demonstrate empathy and reassurance
  • Manage their own internal emotional responses to partners
  • Improve accountability
  • Develop better communication skills

The workshop has been tailored for delivery online via Zoom and is delivered over x2, 2-hour sessions. It is delivered by a Laurel Centre Associate who is a trained Relationship Counsellor as well as specialising in sex and porn addiction and working with partners.

Places are limited to 8 attendees so if you would like to join, please book your place now.

N.B. – confidentiality is of paramount importance to the practice and hence attendees will only be required to give their first names during the workshop and no other personal details will be shared.  Bookings are non-refundable.

What some of our previous attendees have said:

“A must to help you understand how your partner is feeling and going through”.

“I thought your style was warm and engaging and empathetic and inclusive and genuine – and really helped us all to open up. Thank you!”

“I truly feel that the course will help anyone that is struggling with the ability to show their partner empathy in this situation and I would thoroughly recommend attending this course to anyone that intends to grow further.”

“Very helpful and insightful course to look deeper into and understand the trauma and devastation felt by partners when betrayed.”

Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th June 7-9pm

Course Full

Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22th August 7-9pm