Discovering your partner has sex or porn addiction is devastating for partners. For some it comes as a complete shock, while for others it confirms the fears and suspicions that they may have had for years. But for all partners, the discovery, or disclosure, leaves them reeling with an avalanche of feelings, shock, despair, sadness, anger.  Many partners describe themselves as being in freefall, with no idea where the bottom is and whether or not they’ll survive.

All of our associates are trained to understand the unique needs of partners of people with sex or porn addiction. We work within what’s known as a ‘relational trauma’ model, which means that we recognise the pain you are feeling and how difficult it is to cope, often with everyday tasks.

Our therapy services, first and foremost, are there to help you find a sense of stability and safety. We may not be able to give you all the answers that you’ll probably want about your partner and your relationship, but we can help you develop the tools you need to begin to feel safe again. We will also help you to understand what sex and porn addiction is and recognise that your partner’s behaviour is not your fault, nor your responsibility. And when you’re ready, we’ll work with you to consider what your options might be for the future, whether that’s to try and rebuild trust and stay in your relationship, or separate and move on with your life alone.

As well as offering individual counselling, which can be face-to-face or online, we also have our very successful online Partner Workshop and there’s also a 4-Day residential support group for Partners held in Leamington Spa. We also provide an ongoing monthly support group for anyone who wants ongoing long term support.

Our programmes are designed to complement those provided for addiction recovery, but focus on helping partners to move on from the devastation of sex addiction, whether that’s as a couple, or alone. For more information follow the links below or do get a copy of Paula’s book: Sex Addiction – The Partner’s Perspective


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