About The Laurel Centre

About The Laurel Centre
Specialist Organisation

The Laurel Centre is a specialist organisation providing help for Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder (CSBD) and sexual addiction therapy using a BioPsychoSocial approach. The centre also provides support for partners and sex addiction training to counsellors. The Laurel Centre is the home of Paula Hall & Associates who are the UK’s largest provider of sex addiction & porn addiction therapy services. As an ever growing team, our therapists provide services around London and the rest of the UK, as well as treatment programmes in Holland, Dubai, Johannesburg and Helsinki.

How We Work

We believe that every human being is an individual with unique personal needs and circumstances. This means that all of our work is tailored to the needs of the individual client or couple who approaches our practice.

Whether you define your problem as Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder (CSBD), Sex Addiction or Porn Addiction, in the first instance, you will be offered an appointment to meet with a therapist to discuss what has brought you to this point in your life. During that appointment we will help you to prioritise the support that you need, whether that’s exploring and understanding your sexuality, getting into recovery from sex, porn or love addiction or coping with the trauma of discovery of your partner’s compulsive behaviour, or managing the impact it has had on your couple relationship.

Sexual Addictions

We believe that sex addiction and porn addiction, also referred to as CSBD (Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder) are a symptom. Sometimes a symptom of stress and anxiety or of depression or low self-esteem. For some the roots go back to childhood trauma. This means that however you choose to work with us, we will support you, not just in developing practical relapse prevention strategies, but also in overcoming the issues that have caused your addiction.  Furthermore, we will help you explore and understand your sexuality so you can enjoy a more positive and rewarding sex life.

In our work with partners we use a relational trauma model, which means we understand the pain you are experiencing and our focus is on helping you manage the pain and how you might move on from it, whether that’s remaining with your partner or alone.

The Laurel Centre

All of the therapists who work for The Laurel Centre use an integrative model.  That means we will use the therapeutic approach that best suits you and your circumstances.  Most often we use a combination of psychoeducation, to help you understand what’s happening to you, psychodynamic therapy to help you explore underlying causes, psychosexual therapy to understand your sexuality and cognitive behavioural techniques to help you change unhelpful thinking patterns. We also use a wide range of practical behavioural therapy strategies to change behaviours.  For those experiencing trauma, or with a history of trauma, we also use a range of trauma therapy interventions.


Some clients prefer to have individual counselling for sex addiction or porn addiction and others choose to join one of our recovery support group programmes.  Many choose a combination of both. We will not try and shoehorn you into one particular approach, but rather work with you to find out what will most quickly resolve your difficulties and help you move on with your life. The Laurel Centre are committed to confidentiality and ethical practice.  We view addiction through a BioPsychoSocial lens and use a sex positive integrative approach.

We operate an equal opportunity policy and as well as being an organisational member of BACP, each of our therapists also hold affiliation with other professional bodies including UKCP, FDAP and COSRT.