Starting Soon

Face to Face Programmes

We are delighted to announce that we have scheduled both a face to face 6 Day Residential Recovery Course and a Couples Recovery Weekend  at our Leamington Spa offices.  We have also just announced our  Partner 4 Day Intensive starting in January 2022. Whilst the pandemic continues, we must remain vigilant to last minute changes, but we do hope this heralds a return to normal services.  If you’re not sure which course is best for your recovery, then do have a look at the course comparison check-list below or arrange to speak to one of our therapists. You can also find more information on each course on the links above.

Online Recovery and Support Services

Due to the pandemic, the Laurel Centre were unable to offer their usual face to face services to help people recover from sex and porn addiction or to support partners who are impacted by their partners betrayal, but it gave us an excellent opportunity to develop our online services which have been widely received and warmly welcomed. As we begin to move out of lock-down in the UK, some of our face to face services are beginning to resume, but we will continue with our online programmes as well as providing individual therapy and couple counselling via Zoom.  Please email us for information by following the Enquire link below, or ask your therapist for more information.

Kick Start Workshop

This 3 hour zoom workshop delivered by Paula Hall has been designed to provide a solid understanding of what sex addiction and porn addiction is from a biological, psychological and social perspective. and how you can overcome it.  The workshop is limited to 12 attendees and space is provided to consider next steps.  More information here.

Cost: £95

Women’s Workshop

A full day, stand alone workshop for women struggling with compulsive sexual and relationship behaviours that are negatively impacting their lives. The group is limited to 10 women and will provide practical tools as well as group support for women who want to transition to positive sexual and relationship experiences.  More information here.

Cost: 195

Online Recovery Course

Designed as a follow on from our Kick Start Workshop, our online recovery course is provided in two formats.  A weekly programme spread over 8 weeks with weekly evening sessions and one full day on either a Saturday or Sunday; or delivered over 4 weeks with 2 sessions per week, one evening and one lunchtime, plus a full day on either Saturday or Sunday.   The content is identical in both formats and provides space to develop a comprehensive relapse prevention plan as well as space to explore underlying issues and contributing factors. Groups are limited to 6 attendees and consist of online sessions with a therapist as well as homework assignments.  For more information, please click here.

Cost:   £825

“This is a great course that provides addicts with the support and tools needed to set them up for long term sobriety.” 

Helping your Partner

For people with addiction who are struggling to support their partners needs and rebuild trust, we are offering a 4 hour workshop split over 2 sessions.  The first focusses on understanding partners reactions and rebuilding trust and the second on improving communication and reducing conflict. For more information please click here.

Cost:  £195

Partner Workshop

This workshop provides partners with fast track way of getting professional advice and support as well as an opportunity to meet other partners. The workshop has been tailored for zoom and is delivered over 2 x 3 hour sessions on a Saturday morning.  It will help partners survive the trauma of discovery and provide practical tools for establishing emotional stability.  More information here.

Cost: £275

Support group for Partners

We understand that many partners are feeling especially isolated during this time and may be struggling to cope with feelings of trauma and betrayal. Our facilitated online weekly support group is available for any partner who would like to meet with others to share their experiences and gain further support and encouragement. For more information or to join a group, please follow the Enquire link below or speak to your therapist.

Cost:  £60 per 1.5 hour session

All groups will be limited to a maximum of 6 attendees and will be offered on a first-come-first served basis. If any of the fees stated above are currently out of your reach, please do get in touch as some low-cost places are offered on all of our programmes. 

Paula and Nick tailored the program to our needs and they were very flexible. It was visible that they really want us to benefit most. They created space for the trainees to share their experience which was very valuable as they came from different professional backgrounds. The knowledge and information presented was accurate and practical. The exercises helped us better understand ourselves and our clients. A lot of the trainees asked us to invite Paula and Nick again to Poland. It was a pleasure to work with you both. Thank you.

Natalia Smogulecka, OTUiW Radzimowice, Poland

I have found the course extremely informative and helpful, at a time when I had no control over my addiction this course has refocused my mindset and put me on to a safe, long road to recovery.

Thank you for delivering last Saturday’s study day here at Praxis. Lina and I thoroughly enjoyed both the content and style of your delivery. I found it more than simply informative – it was enlightening and theoretically fascinating!

Richard Broadley, Praxis-CPD