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Welcome to our blog page. Here you will find a range of short articles about sex and pornography addiction and its impact on partners – and also on society. We aim to write at least two blogs a month. Some will be extracts from books written by Paula Hall, some are about news items that have recently been in the press. We also like to write about some of the controversies in sex and porn addiction as we’re aware of what a huge impact they can have on people struggling with this problem and also those of us that work in the field. Please do have a browse and if you find something that interests you, please do feel free to share with friends on social media as, or if, appropriate.

2022 Beating porn addiction How faulty core beliefs can sabotage recovery Last time we explored the faulty core belief of ‘I don’t need to change’ and today we’re looking at ‘I don’t want to change’. Beneath this thinking there is often a terrifying fear... Read More 2022 Sex Addiction – a personal recovery story We’re interrupting our current blog series to share this personal story of addiction recovery. Huge thanks to our anonymous contributor for his courage and generosity in sharing this powerful story with us all.  We hope that it inspires others to... Read More 2022 Am I an addict? Denial and faulty core beliefs Last month we began a new blog series looking at how faulty core beliefs can sabotage recovery and, in some instances, can stop you getting into recovery all together. Today we’re going to look at... Read More 2022 How faulty core beliefs damage recovery from sex addiction In our last blog we were looking at how faulty core beliefs are often at the root of sex addiction and porn addiction.  We looked at how those core beliefs often result in assumptions and then in automatic negative thoughts... Read More 2022 Porn addiction recovery and faulty core beliefs Today we’re starting a new series of blogs looking at the role that core beliefs play in beating sex addiction and overcoming porn addiction. Also known as CSBD (compulsive sexual behaviour disorder) sex and porn addiction can devastate lives and... Read More 2022 Shame, Toxic Masculinity and Sex Addiction It’s impossible to have an honest conversation about sex addiction without talking about shame. It can serve as both the fundamental cause of the addiction and the driving force that continually fuels it. Causes of sex addiction such as trauma... Read More