Sex and porn addiction are unlike any other addictions because they violate the very core of a couple’s intimate relationship. For the partner it combines the most destructive ingredients of personal pain – betrayal, sexual infidelity, deceit and shame. They have to face the well known devastation of an affair with the torment and challenges of addiction. For the person with the addiction, they now have to face their worst nightmare. The crippling fear of losing the person they purport to love most in the world, and potentially everything else they’ve ever held dear, their children, their family, their friends, possibly their career and reputation. And on top of that they carry the shame of having their greatest secret discovered and losing an aspect of themselves they’ve secretly relied on to maintain their emotional stability. Both feel exposed, vulnerable and bewildered and almost certainly further apart from each other than they ever could have imagined.

Unfortunately most relationship counsellors are not trained to work with the unique challenges that couples struggling with sex addiction have to face. In the early days after disclosure or discovery, simple tasks such as managing the home and looking after children can feel impossible. Decisions need to be made about whether to live together or apart in short term, and of course whether or not the relationship will ultimately survive. Rebuilding trust is of course of paramount importance for couples, whether that’s so they can stay together or co-parent as separated parents. But trust can not be rebuilt until full disclosure has taken place and supporting couples through a therapeutic disclosure process is a key skill required when helping couples after betrayal.

Our services for couples include:

  • Therapeutic disclosure services
  • Couples recovery intensives
  • Couple counselling to rebuild trust and intimacy
  • Psychosexual therapy to overcome sexual dysfunctions and difficulties
  • Counselling to support separation and co-parenting

All of our services can be provided face to face or through skype, though the former is always preferred if possible for couple work.

All of our Associates who work with couples have extensive training and experience in relationship counselling or psychotherapy. They have also all undertaken Diploma level training in sex addiction.

If you haven’t already done so, please do get a copy of Paula’s latest acclaimed book – Sex Addiction: A Guide for Couples