Partner Workshop – Online

This workshop has been created to give partners a fast track way of getting professional advice and support and an opportunity to meet other partners. Tailored for delivery via zoom, the workshop is split into 2 x 3 hour sessions on consecutive Saturday mornings.

We know how devastating and isolating discovering addiction is and how scary the roller-coaster of emotions can feel. This day will help you to break those feelings of isolation by meeting other partners and it will also give you practical tools for establishing emotional stability.

Our topics include:

  • Surviving the trauma of discovery
  • Looking after you
  • Understanding what sex and porn addiction really is
  • Recognising your Cycle of Reaction
  • Avoiding trauma related triggers
  • Establishing boundaries

At the end of the workshop, partners may choose to join an ongoing support group to continue their journey of recovery.

Please note, our partner support groups do not assume that you are staying within your relationship but will help you to consider what your future options may be.

Groups are completely confidential and limited to a maximum of 8 people.  The sessions will run from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon (UK time) with a comfort break.

What some of our previous attendees have said:

“I have resisted for years attending such a course; I am so pleased that at last I have a place to share, learn and listen as well as a sense of a supportive, understanding community. I think the course was excellent …I feel like a load has been taken off my shoulders – thank you so very much”.

“I would absolutely recommend this course to any partner going through this same thing, it has proved me with invaluable information and insight into myself the process and my partners addiction. As well as providing me a support network of some wonderful ladies who understand me and my needs as I do theirs”.

“Excellent balance of information about addiction and opportunities to talk about own experiences. Warm and empathetic course leader”.

“The group was very well facilitated and felt safe and supportive. It was transformative to be able to share my feelings and to see that others had reacted in similar ways’.

Saturday 3rd & Saturday 10th September 2022, 9am-12pm