Online Recovery Course

This recovery course takes the key elements of 6-day residential and combines them with the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from years of delivering group work recovery online.

The course is an online virtual recovery group which is delivered via the Zoom video conferencing platform. It provides practical information and resources for stopping unwanted behaviours and developing long term relapse prevention strategies.  The programme is both educational and practical and utilises both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and psycho-educational strategies.  The programme also provides a supportive online group environment to help overcome feelings of embarrassment and isolation and to facilitate a long-term accountability network. The course provides the equivalent of 22 hours therapy.

By the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Define positive sexuality and establish sexual boundaries
  • Recognise and manage triggers
  • Identify underlying contributing issues
  • Establish relapse prevention strategies to secure and maintain recovery
  • Identify and overcome potential future blocks to recovery
  • Develop long term strategies for re-establishing a positive sexual lifestyle
  • Create a vision for the future and a personalised relapse prevention plan

The course consists of 7 x 2 hour sessions plus one full day on either a Saturday or Sunday. It is delivered as both a weekly and an intensive two weekly format with homework assignments to complete between sessions. Attendance at each session is required and the course is strictly limited to a maximum of 6 men.  Session 7 is our follow-up evaluation session which is provided approximately 4 weeks after session 6.  All attendees are required to attend the Kick Start Recovery Workshop before attendance and undertake a brief initial assessment to confirm the programme is appropriate for their individual needs and circumstances and also to sign a confidentiality statement to ensure the group is a safe space for all.  The cost for the course is £875 which can be paid in instalments if required.


  • Session 1:  Welcome and introductions
  • Session 2:  Personalising the Cycle of Addiction
  • Session 3: Identifying deeper unresolved issues
  • Full day: Sharing insights
  • Session 4:  Vision and values
  • Session 5:  Relapse prevention
  • Session 6: Developing a recovery plan
  • Session 7: Evaluating the journey

NB:  This programme is not suitable for people with offending behaviours.

What previous course attendees have said:

Really well run course and gave me back some much needed positivity into my life. Would recommend for anyone struggling”.

A fantastic building block to start recovery from this horrible addiction. The course was delivered in a professional yet relaxed manner with the facilitators vast knowledge of the subject evident from the outset. This is a must for anyone seeking to overcome compulsive sexual behaviour.”

“Truly life-changing course. The Zoom-format makes it more accessible, whilst remaining very engaging by the way it’s delivered.”

“I approached the group sessions hesitantly, nervous of what it was going to be like, and what people would think of me. However doing this course was one of the most powerful and helpful aspects of my recovery so far.”

“I was reluctant at first to join the course. ‘We are British, for heaven’s sake!’ and really don’t bare our souls publicly. However the opportunity to share with others on similar journeys was immensely valuable – frequently another member of the group expressed what I was struggling with much better than I could as he described his own circumstances. We became a Band of Brothers on a tough but achievable journey – that’s quite a thing compared tackling the challenge ‘alone’.”

“Exceeded my expectations. Participation from everyone was tremendous and the willingness to be open was humbling.”

“The course has completely transformed the way I see my life, past , present and future. I was nervous and sceptical of working in a group however I knew it was time to stop hiding. The group dynamic allowed me to understand more about myself through the stories and eyes of others. The course is for those who really wish to commit to making a change and are willing to open up their heart and mind to new possibilities.”

A fantastic course, which has benefited me hugely. I would happily recommend to anyone.”

“A really great experience which I wish I had done years ago and will remember for life . The facilitator was really engaging and motivating while keeping it good humoured throughout. The opportunity to meet other guys with similar issues and to talk about things I never thought could have been invaluable and we will continue to meet up for many years I hope.”

“The course was fantastic and very instrumental in helping my identify trigger points, i feel confident in the fact that with the new friends i have made i will be able to curb this addiction and have a better out look on my life as well. The facilitator was a fantastic teacher and helped massively through the course i would highly recommend this to other people who are struggling with porn addictions.”

“Opening up to like-minded people in a safe environment has been transformational. I would recommend the course to anyone struggling with addiction and low self-esteem.”

Tues from 14th May (6-8pm) & Sun 9th Jun (10-5pm)

Course Full

Tue from 9th Jul (6-8pm) & Sat 27th Jul (10-5pm)