This recovery course takes the key elements of the London Intensive and combines them with the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from years of delivering our 8 week online course for porn addiction. Unlike the 8 week course, this programme provides more opportunity to explore underlying issues that might be contributing

The course is conducted online using Zoom video conferencing platform zoom and provides practical information and resources for stopping unwanted behaviours and developing long term relapse prevention strategies.  The programme is both educational and practical and utilises both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and psycho-educational strategies.  The programme also provides a supportive online group environment to help overcome feelings of embarrassment and isolation and to facilitate a long-term accountability network.

By the end of the course, attendees will be able to:  

  • Understand the biological and psychological causes of their addiction 
  • Recognise and manage triggers 
  • Identify underlying contributing issues
  • Establish relapse prevention strategies to secure and maintain recovery 
  • Identify and overcome potential future blocks to recovery 
  • Develop long term strategies for re-establishing a positive sexual lifestyle 
  • Create a vision for the future and a personalised relapse prevention plan

The course consists of 7 x 2, to 2.5 hour sessions delivered twice weekly with homework assignments to complete between sessions. Attendance at each session is required and the course is strictly limited to a maximum of 6 men.  A follow-up sessions is also provided approximately 4 weeks later. All attendees are required to sign a confidentiality statement to ensure the group is a safe space for all.  Exact dates are available from the course facilitator.  The cost for the course is £790 which can be paid in instalments if required.


  • Session 1:  Understanding Sex and Porn Addiction
  • Session 2:  Recognising the Cycle of Addiction 
  • Session 3:  Sharing the Story
  • Session 4:  Relapse Prevention
  • Session 5:  Developing a Recovery Plan 
  • Session 6: Evaluating the Journey

NB: This course is not appropriate for people with offending behaviours