Diploma in Working with Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder and Sex Addiction (CPCAB Accredited Level 5)

The Diploma in Working with Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder and Sex Addiction has been developed to provide counsellors, psychotherapists, sex therapists and addiction specialists with the tools to assess and treat CSBD and sex & porn addiction from a BioPsychoSocial perspective. We teach a culturally sensitive, sex positive, health-based approach to overcoming compulsive sexual behaviours.  Delegates will also gain the necessary skills to work with partners and support couples and families in recovery.

Our course is divided into three 4 day modules. Each module provides distinct skills for working with different levels of addiction and client groups. Attendance at all three modules is required to receive the Diploma.

The date of the next course starting in 2024 is:

September 2024 start – face to face in Leamington Spa for Mod 1 part a) and Mod 3 part b). Zoom for the remainder of the course

Module 1: part a) 16-17 September 2024 (face to face); part b) 25-26 September 2024 (online)

Module 2: part a) 18-19 November 2024 (online); part b) 27-28 November 2024 (online)

Module 3: part a) 20-21 January 2025 (online); part b) 29-30 January 2025 (face to face)

Students will be required to make arrangements for their own travel and accommodation for the face to face components.  We ask students to ensure that they are able to get refunded for any travel and accommodation costs if for any reason we are not able to run the course on a face-to-face basis because of COVID restrictions or any other reasons outside of our control.

The fee for the course is £2,750 with a 5% discount for students who are funded by a non-profit organisation.  Places are offered, subject to satisfactory references, following receipt of an application form, a recent photograph and a £500 non-refundable deposit.  If the application form and deposit of £500 is received on or before 9 August 2024 for the September 2024 start, then there is an earlybird fee of £2,450.  The balance of the fee is payable at the start of the programme though we can, by arrangement, accept payment of the balance in ten equal monthly instalments from the start date of the course.

Please email us for a course prospectus.

Accreditation: CPCAB (level 5)
Accredited by COSRT as a thematic training course.
Approved by ATSAC

September 2024