Porn & Sex Addiction Therapy Blog

Welcome to our blog page. Here you will find a range of short articles about sex and pornography addiction and its impact on partners – and also on society. We aim to write at least two blogs a month. Some will be extracts from books written by Paula Hall, some are about news items that have recently been in the press. We also like to write about some of the controversies in sex and porn addiction as we’re aware of what a huge impact they can have on people struggling with this problem and also those of us that work in the field. Please do have a browse and if you find something that interests you, please do feel free to share with friends on social media as, or if, appropriate.

2017 How does sex addiction start? Part 1 Like any addiction once acknowledged, the immediate question seems to be why. Why me? How did this happen? What did I do to end up in this situation? More often than not these questions arise in the initial stage of... Read More 2017 Porn Addiction and Erectile Dysfunction PIED – Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction.  It’s a new term that has recently made headline news, but a condition that many people who compulsively use porn are only too familiar with. A few months ago, BBC Newsbeat released a report... Read More 2016 The Rising Problem of Porn for Young Adults With an estimated 1.7 billion active users on Facebook alone, 90% of 16-24 year olds owning a smartphone, and unprecedented accessibility to the world wide web, it is little wonder many are so easily turning to porn to ‘blow off... Read More 2016 Rebuilding Trust The discovery of sex or porn addition wrecks trust in couple relationships. Partner’s often describe the shock of discovering the person they were living with was not who they thought they were and the relationship they had shared together was very different... Read More 2016 Addiction is selfish… But so is recovery Someone who compulsively engages in sexual behaviours knowing that doing so is harming their loved ones are often called selfish. The addictive behaviour often begins to take priority over everything else. Other responsibilities take second place and as the addiction... Read More 2016 Understanding Relapse One of the most common misunderstandings about relapse is that it happens suddenly. One minute you’re doing well in your recovery and the next minute you’ve relapsed. Bang! But in reality, this just isn’t true. Relapse is a process, not... Read More