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  1. Hi Mel, welcome to the Paula Hall forum and I wish you the very best in finding the what you need.
  2. Hi Darren, if your partner is forcing you to seek help. It is a good thing because she is not being judgemental and understands your plight. As worthyhope rightly says the majority of partners would have scarpered. I wish you all the success.
  3. Hi George, I totally agree with you that it doesn't matter what the addiction is. I do think, however, that I would perhaps er on the side of caution. One session I attended, we had to swear an oath not to repeat anything that was said within the four walls. I would imagine the same rules would apply to other group meetings, but if for example a recovering alcoholic was to go into a relapse. After good long slurp, there is the danger that tongues might loosen up and open up a hornet's nest. If he or she an intoxicated state, oaths and rules could be well forgotten. I'm wondering if it would be an idea to go to another town where nobody knows you? Alternatively, what about having a word with the group leader before hand and point out to him or her what I have mentioned and say that you would like to be economical with the truth and not mention sex addiction, but use the term internet addiction instead. Something worth considering.
  4. Thanks, George for your response. Yes, I have been to a meeting, but unfortunately it means a long bus ride once a week to get to the venue. What is Smart Recovery? Are they group meetings where you meet others or is at an online one? Does Smart Recovery cost anything? I feel certain now that I have done right by joining this group. My obsession is hosiery, although nothing extreme. It still as I said entail the same kind of misery as porn addiction. Endless hours are spent online and it has reached a point where other obligations are put on the back burner. Also lying to others. I have wonderful friends and I don't want to lose them. There are those who would probably argue that it is pornography and others not. Different people have different views as to what pornography is. The Victorians for example considered dresses that rode up above the ankles as pornographic.
  5. Hi everyone, I have just discovered this website and I have decided to join. I don't know how to describe my addiction and I am not even sure if it comes into the sex porn and porn addiction category. It does, however, result in the same kind of frustration and misery and fear of losing life long friends. I hope I have done the right thing by joining this group.
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