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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I am a recovering sex addict a very very long way to go for me but I am on track. Will anyone be interested to know/work with me to recover on the sexual addictive behavior. Thanks (You help me more than I help you by me sharing the message that I have freely received)
  2. Hi friends! I had being trying to recover alone so I have not money to pay for a professional treatment and also there is not a 12 step program near my city, so I'm doing what I can, my longest streak was 62 days on hard mode (no sex, orgasm, ejaculation, porn or masturbation) after that time I started to feel very depressed and frustrated, so I decided to give a try to conscious masturbation (masturbation with no porn, fantasies, or any other stimuli, just physical sensations) so in november I had just masturbated two times with conscious masturbation to orgasm) but Im trying to reach 90 days in hard mode again, but I had a hard time passing from 10 days, basically every 10 days I had masturbated, so its very fine, there is no porn, no false stimuli, just physical sensations, but I'm afraid of a more serious relapse, I found that masturbation is one of my hardest addictions. So what can I do to start abstaining again? Usually I feel fine, but I had just did a masturbation some hour ago and now I'm feeling bad and guilty. Thank you for your help and time
  3. Found this discussion on masturbation just now and I feel more motivated to be a fapstronaut.Not everyone has what it takes and they did cover NoFap and the effects of Porn consumption but it takes commitment to overcome an addiction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhkqnmLRTIw&t=5s I liked how they were lighthearted towards it all I found I was too serious but now that i'm not I feel better! I believe I can do it and you should too. It is pretty funny but it made me really think about where the world is heading for us as men if we are unable to overcome our addictions You can do it too :) Hope this helps!!
  4. Hi all, I don't know if i'm the only one but i'm constantly thinking of sex or thinking of touching myself to ease the urge. I am 32 average looking guy and just can't get enough of sex. I am working now thinking of it. It is becoming annoying for my wife as I want to play out all these fantasies but never have anyone who is will to try. Is there anything that I can do?
  5. I am a Christian, I feel I have failed God many times because of a fascination with pornography which I can't seem to shake off, it usually ends in masturbation and loads of shame. At times I have despaired of myself because just when I think I've managed to kick the habit I go back to it again.
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