0- 20 - If you scored under 20 then your problem probably hasn’t reached the level of addiction.  However, if you’re not happy with your sexual behaviours and are finding it difficult to stop, or stay stopped, then why not contact us for an appointment to talk through why you’re struggling and what changes you might want to make.

21-30 – Scoring under 30 probably means that your addiction is still fairly mild.  However, taking action now to gain a greater sense of control over your behaviours will help to ensure that you don’t escalate into a more serious problem.  Unfortunately many people don’t seek help until they’ve already lost so much and it’s always much easier to stop now than to wait until the addiction has taken a greater hold.  Contact us today and we can help you ensure this problem doesn’t get any worse.

31-50 – Your test result indicates that you are almost certainly struggling with sex or pornography addiction and it’s already having a negative impact on your life.  If you also said yes to having another addiction, or previous addiction, then it’s especially important that you get help as soon as possible to ensure that you overcome addiction in every area of your life.  Addiction is a powerful trap, but there is help.  Contact us today and we help you get into recovery and take control of your life and your future.

Over 51 – If you have scored 51 or over then this would indicate that your addiction is severe and you’ve most probably been struggling with it for many years.  It may have come as a shock to you that you have scored so highly, but this is an important first step towards getting into recovery. Many people lie to themselves about how much of a problem they have, but once you’re able to face the reality of your situation, you can begin to take control.  Contact us today and we’ll help you to fully understand how and why your addiction has got so bad and help you develop the tools to overcome it.