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I've read a lot of the posts in the forum and am in a similar situation to some. Things haven't become fractured yet in my life but everyday I'm becoming more scared of this constant urge to seek out online porn from paysites to just basically anything freely available to deal with the urge . I was wondering if there is a help group local to Newcastle or Durham set up by associates of this organisation. If not can someone reading this pm me some course of action I can take immediately to begin the road to recovery while my marriage is still good and my children still love me.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time


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Hi Paulos

Thanks for having the courage to look at the issue and ask for help, it takes courage to begin the process.

It might be good, if you have not already looked to explore the other areas of the website, also consider buying the book Understanding and Treating Sex Addiction by Paula Hall. The nearest face to face support is in Sheffield via one to one therapy, we also offer one to one support online. I have attached information on the Hall Recovery Courses for your information but the intensives run in the Midlands and the 12 week courses run in London. We are looking at setting up an online course and this might be of interest to you if you are unable to travel to attend a 6 day intensive. 

You may also find it useful to look at the following www.pornaddictionhelp.co.uk

Hope this helps feel free to contact us for further information 



The Hall Recovery Course Leaflet.pdf

The Laurel Centre Leaflet.pdf

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Thanks Christine. I am hoping to keep this as subtle as possible for obvious reasons so 6 day conferences etc are out of the question. I was hoping there might be a North East contact or meeting I might attend without giving rise to awkward questions at home. If anyone has an idea please feel free to post or pm thanks x

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Hi have you tried the following 

Emergency NoFap - A useful quick inspirational site when you're feeling triggered or tempted to remind you why you're becoming a better man. 

Your Brain On Porn - Huge website containing many resources to educate yourself about the effect of porn on the brain and to get help.

Reboot Nation - Gabe Deem's website containing another great set of resources and a forum.

Recovery Nation - Free self-help website for sex addicts, love addicts and porn addicts.

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