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  1. Smart is a similar sort of thing except for all addicts ie. drug, alcohol, sex or whatever together. I get the impression the approach is a bit more pragmatic. Don't think you have to pay, think it'll be voluntary contributions like SLAA. My only slight reservation is it's open to visitors, but I don't suppose anyone other than a supportive partner would want to go. It makes no difference what the actual addiction is I don't think does it, it's the effect it has on you and others that matters. You might find some help as well by chatting to other hosiery addicts but not so easy to find I'm guessing.
  2. PatBatemanBlg, did you get psychotherapy through the NHS? How long did you have to wait?
  3. I've just joined as well Domonic. What do you think your addiction is? I think I may have an addiction..... to sex outside my relationship, getting some for, of emotional intimacy with other partners and to porn. I think it's best if I tackle one at a time, so I'm working on the sex outside the relationship first. I went to my first SLAA meeting last week, decent people but felt rather stifled by it. I'm trying Smart Recovery as well next week which takes a different approach. Have you been to any meetings? I'm sure you haven't done wrong joining this site, if it doesn't help you've lost nothing, and you might gain a lot.
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    I think my view differs slightly from others expressed so far. To me it is perfectly normal for men to watch porn. My guess would be that 95% of men under 40 watch porn, just a guess but, basically it's what nearly all men do. I doubt many tell their partners. I Maybe the frequency of it, if it's 6 times a week, is a problem for him. I would regard 3 times a week as perfectly normal including for men in relationships. I can see it's a serious issue for you though and hope I'm not belittling that. Now you've discovered it, the best thing to do I think is to discuss it with him, telling him how much it hurts you and ask him to reduce the frequency at least (I think it may be unrealistic to ask him to give it up altogether).
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