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  1. Hi, everyone. So, my name is Paul and I have a major porn addiction that is ruining my life. I've been like this for years, I'm 35 now. Its never really affected my life whilst I was single but I'm married now and its probably ruined my marriage. I've been having problems sexually with my wife for a while now, not being able to get an erection. After the first couple of times I now get really nervous and avoided having sex with my wife. I found it easier to fix the urges alone. Now I'm struggling with that even, I've found that I've gone from porn to webcam chatting and looking at escorts online. Not that I have ever gone through with anything, I mean why would in of i can't get it up anyway. Well, my wife's found out on my phone, so now I'm on my own. I need to stop, even before she found out, I hated myself. Even now, I'm upset and thinking about logging on again. I'm not even in the mood! Hope to speak soon guys
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