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  1. Ginny many thanks for reply. I feel if I have that conversation all it will do is make him be more secretive as in delete his laptop history? This has been going on for years he looks at it at least 3 times a week. Have even been tempted to end relationship as I feel so low in confidence. I know I shouldn't of been snooping
  2. My boyfriend of 6 years has been looking at porn sites on his laptop. We don't live together. He don't know I know. I feel worthless & so low in confidence. Think if I say anything he will just hide it. Help!
  3. Ali


    Hi, I thought my partner had stopped looking at porn have just realised he's got better at hiding it. I never told him I knew felt guilty for snooping. Also seen has been looking up can porn make you not be able to perform? For months I've thought he had stopped just realised tonight he hasn't far from it. Makes me feel so bad. I'm due to have op soon and we won't be able to have sex making me feel sick knowing he will be looking at porn
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    PJ and Rob, many thanks for your replies, very interesting reading, much appreciated. I just think men and women view things differently I view it as a betrayal and I'm not pretty, slim, good enough in bed for him so he looking elsewhere. I wrote to a problem page about it and was told he probably looking as our sex life is lacking! Before this I would of said we had a brilliant relationship, never row, laugh all the time, have date nights every week, and lots of sex. Which is why it has come as a big shock. His only saving grace is that he is not looking at porn on the days he sees me (4xs a week)
  5. Hi, Just found this site today, looking for advice. I've just found out my boyfriend of 4 years has been looking at porn websites all the time we have been together. Has made me feel devastated, have no confidence as it is. I found it on his laptop (yes I was snooping) He's goes on it 3xs a week first thing in morning when he gets back from work. This has really upset me, we don't live together, he rings me says love you, miss you then a minute later looking at porn! He also goes on 3xs + a week in evening. He don't know I know what do I do? He's knows my feelings on subject as a while ago a friend caught her husband looking at porn, and I told him about it. Said I would be upset and make me feel insecure about my body. I said to him I don't know why men do it if they had a partner. I just feel when we in bed is he thinking about the porn he has watched? Sorry for long post thanks Ali x
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