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  1. Hi, Thinking about sex is usually common among guys. But if you think yours is something out of the ordinary then you really have to do something about it really fast before you start acting out your fantasies and that can land you in jail. You should read up how sexual addiction works here: Sex Addiction - The Problem, The Routines and Vicious Cycle. I hope this helps
  2. Hi Dave.. Trying to be free from porn addiction on your own is not almost possible. First of all, make up your mind that you want to STOP pornography viewing... no matter how many times you fail, dust yourself up and GET UP! You should find someone you can be accountable to... Not your wife... someone you really respect. Your baby really needs you clean and sane...look around you for meetings and counseling. You can also read up on how porn addiction effects your life and causes,effects and remedies to porn addiction. I hope this helps
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