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  1. Just finding my way here today after being discovered by my partner engaging in this exact porn / dating app nexus. Thank you for sharing this experience - I can really relate, and I also have the experience of prolonged 'sessions' of use being fueled by a process of going between / from a dating app, to a sex worker website where I'll buy adult pornographic content, often in short clips or image galleries, and finally onto more mainstream pornography. MY partner discovered by compulsive pornography and adult content issues yesterday, after I once again downloaded a dating app and didn't take the notifications off. Somehow this stuff has become so locked away in my head as being something I do in private that has no relationship with my other relationship that I'd just let my guards down. Insane. The thing she is most hurt by is how I've used the dating app - she says she can understand the buying of content more, but cannot get her head around using the dating app and how this connects. I've struggled to explain it to myself, but seeing your experience has really helped me realised I'm doing the same thing, and is a way to explain how the two things are seperate in my head ( although not in hers, which I understand).
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