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  1. Hi! I've posted a lot on mumsnet recently about my husband's addiction to porn but you either get comments like porn is totally fine or just leave him! There's not much in between. I'm interested to hear from anyone who's been through porn addiction either in person or as the partner. Has it got better? What worked? Did you come out the other side? My husband has a history of depression and anxiety, and suffers a lot with an array of anxiety symptoms. He's also been dependent on porn and masturbation without porn for a long time to give him that quick release of dopamine. Sometimes it's sex drive but often it's his low mood. And it's habitual. I only found out about his use of porn about 18 months ago. He gets intrusive thoughts to watch it which he battles with and has told me that he's opened his laptop and closed it many times as he tries to resist. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he doesn't. I've been really hurt and felt very angry about it all but we both want to get through this. My husband is a kind, sweet person. An amazing dad. And despite all the shit stuff, we're a team, best friends and love each other. I don't believe he's a bad person but he's let this get out of control and has got into a cycle of shame and lying. BUT he needs to rebuild the trust between us and get a grip of this addiction for the sake of our relationship and family. He's started seeing a new addiction counsellor who seems quite good. If anyone can offer any positive support, advice or recommendations, that would be great?
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