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  1. I'm so glad I've been able to find this site. I now realise that I've been suffering from an increasing addiction to porn and internet chat for about 15 years. I wonder if any other men feel, as I do, that my addiction is purely down to the invention of the internet - and not only that, an internet connection that is now fast enough to watch and share video/pictures very very easily. Before I had broadband in my home I had a couple of porn mags in a cupboard which I looked at from time to time - and I masturbated regularly, like twice a day maybe, but this was mainly to my own "thoughts" and took next to no time. And that's the point - the biggest problem for me is that my internet porn/chat addiction robs me of TIME - our most precious commodity. My life and my success is slowly slipping away. I am bisexual but mostly view straight porn and share this and chat with other straight/bi men online. I think this problem is a huge pandemic problem which isn't even talked about in society. I think that there a literally thousands and thousands of married men, like me, spending huge amounts of time online without their wives' knowledge. Everybody talks about the danger of internet porn to children - but not to adults. I think that this could eventually become a big story in the press - but not anytime soon and not before it has had a huge effect on society. I don't yet know how I'm going to quit. I'm struggling everyday. I wish I could go back to childhood in a way, before I had any sexual desire at all - days seemed so long and I was able to focus in a single minded way on the things I wanted to do. Maybe I need to stop using a computer except in public cafes? (I do need to correspond by email for work etc). I think that the computer is, for me, the key. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd be very glad of advice. Simon
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