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  1. My husband has cheated. There has been so much going on our entire relationship, but never cheating. Cams on a couple of occasions, excessive porn, following hundreds of Instagram accounts, not cutting full contact with ppl he slept with. He lied when we got together about his past. He's actually been sleeping with prostitutes for 4 years, prior to me and whilst we were just dating, alongside 5 or 6 women at a time. We met just a couple of months after his dad died and whilst him mum was potentially going to prison for doing something stupid and totally out of character. We broke up for 3 months March to May 2018. We got back together the start of June. He said he had slept with just one person. I noticed that he had added hundreds of accounts again after deleting them all after me begging him to. As far as I was aware there was nothing going on since October 2018 when we had the last new disclosure. After that, we had a fair few old ones that popped up. He went to counselling. He got his diagnosis last January. He seemed to take it well. A little too well. We had a couple of sessions with someone from the Laurel Centre. Things were going well. We decided to have a baby and fell pregnant in February. We also got engaged. Lockdown happened so we didn't continue sessions. We got married on October 2020, our baby boy came along November 28th. His first, my third. It was a stressful time, but life was complete. I noticed a couple of things on hubby's phone but didn't go into it. Then one day he needed help with an app on his phone and I went down his Internet history. He was watching porn most days. I left it and looked again the next night. He'd been watching it for months. Including going to the toilet while we were in hospital being induced. I approached him about it and it was anger, denial etc. So I left it and looked again. I wanted to see how far back this went. It was the entire of 2020 he was watching porn most days. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. My stomach dropped. I continued looking and the search went to 2018 where there adult work searches and hotel searches, going into 2019. I confronted him and he couldn't tell me. He said I'd never cheat. I looked into his uber account and cross referenced his internet searches and found 5 times he's likely cheated. Affairs and prostitutes. I confronted him. He said I must have, but I've blocked it out. I made him search for everything and he said searching stuff brought back memories. I sent him to stay somewhere else. He was there a, week when he came back to me with some answers after searching his phone, bank accounts etc. He'd slept with 3 women whilst we were together. More when we were apart. He slept with them 5 times in total. He's now looking into everything to find the prostitutes/brothels/massage parlours/saunas. I know it's extensive. I'm absolutely heartbroken. I had to make him come home as I wasn't coping. He's not coping either as he's just finally realised he's an addict and the pain he's caused me. I'm broken. I have a nearly 5 month old baby, I've been married 6 months and my life is falling apart. He believes the break up tipped him over the edge after his dad and mum. Has anyone got any advice for me? He's done the Kickstart workshop and booked onto the understanding partners one. I'm doing the partners workshop. Right now I've told him we're separated. I've taken my rings off. I feel sick. I can't believe it. Can anyone help? I'm on the waiting list for therapy through laurel xx
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