Women’s Recovery Workshop

Navigating the Transition to Positive Sexual & Relationship Experiences

This single full day stand-alone workshop is suitable for anyone identifying as female who is struggling with repetitive sexual behaviours that negatively impact their lives. The day is focussed on and provides information and tools to explore impulsive and compulsive sexual behaviours and how they may be impacting one’s relationships.  The terms women use to explain this issue (e.g. compulsive sexual behaviour; or sex addiction, porn addiction, love addiction, romance addiction or fantasy addiction)  as well as the social messages that often keep us from seeking support, will be explored.  Sexual behaviours will be examined from a biological as well as psychological perspective, including a brief look at the impact of attachment styles and trauma. Reflection and resources will be provided to personalise and start the journey to a more positive and fulfilling sexual experience.

By the end of the day attendees will be able to: –

  • Identify the terms that best describe their experience
  • Understand compulsion and addiction from biological, psychological and social perspective
  • Recognise their own individual cycle of damaging sexual behaviours and relationships
  • Identify possible root causes of these behaviours
  • Appreciate what transition and recovery mean and how it might be achieved
  • Establish a personalised path and plan

Groups are completely confidential and anonymous, only first names will be used.  Group size is limited to a maximum of 10 attendees.