Understanding & Recognising Sex Addiction

This CPD workshop will provide counsellors and psychotherapists with a thorough understanding of sex addiction from a biopsychosocial viewpoint. Ultimately only the ‘addict’ can decide if their behaviour is ‘addictive’ or out of control but this intense and information packed day will help therapists to guide the client in making that decision. The day also provides the tools for developing understanding of the roots of the addiction and suggestions for providing ongoing work and referral.  


  • To provide a definition of sex addiction
  • To recognise different classifications and causes of sex addiction
  • To help counsellors understand sex addiction from a biopsychosocial perspective
  • To provide counsellors with the tools to help clients self diagnose either an active addiction or their ‘at risk’ behaviours
  • To provide an understanding of the cycle of addiction including triggers and underlying issues
  • To provide an overview of treatment options for those with addiction
  • To provide experiential opportunities to practise assessment skills
  • To understand the CHOICE Recovery Model for treating addiction
  • To provide counsellors with the tools to support clients who may be going through sexual addiction treatment
  • To provide counsellors with the tools to work with clients who have already been through treatment to work on the underlying issues.

Please use the Training Calendar below to book your place, or telephone us on 01926 339594, or email us for more information.  

COST:  £95 early-bird  (£125 if booked within 3 weeks of event)