4 Day Residential Partner Support Group

**This course is currently not scheduled to run but please contact us below if you need partner group support or for any other query**

Online Partner Support Workshop

For partners who are outside of London or who are time pressured, our 4 day residential partner support group provides space to understand the overwhelming roller coaster of feelings that are so common when sex addiction behaviours are discovered or disclosed.

Help is provided on developing positive coping strategies as well as space to consider what the future may hold. Furthermore attendees will develop a long term community of partners for comfort and support.

The partner support group covers areas such as:

  • Surviving the Trauma of Discovery or Disclosure
  • Looking after You
  • What is Sex Addiction?
  • Understanding the Cycle of Reaction
  • Establishing Boundaries
  • Re-claiming Self-Esteem and Self-Identity
  • Creating a Future

Each partner support group is limited to a maximum of 8 members and will be facilitated by trained therapy professionals who specialise in the field of sex addiction.  Attendees will be invited to join one of our monthly support groups. Confidentiality is essential to the successful outcome of the group and hence all participants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before beginning the course.

The support group is delivered from our Central office in Leamington Spa which is 1.5 hours from London, and 20 minutes from Birmingham Airport.

The course ‘complements’ the Hall Recovery Course for Sex Addiction but it is not assumed that all partners will necessarily be supportive of their partner’s recovery.  NB – the goal of this course is not to ‘save’ the relationship, but to provide partners space to explore their individual situation and needs within a supportive community.

To reserve a place on our next course, please scroll down to the calendar view and click on the date you’d like to attend. You will be requested to pay a £125 reservation fee which covers the cost of an introductory appointment to provide you with further information and confirm this is the right approach for you. 


“I was encouraged to attend this course, and despite my initial reservations and reluctance, I am very thankful I listened and went. To anyone who is unsure, just do it. I can’t put my finger on one single thing that helped; it was a culmination of the group as a whole, the individuals, the therapists,  the overwhelming love and support from others going through their own pain, but all of that together made a real difference for me. I was totally isolated before the course and I no longer feel on my own. Expect to experience a roller coaster of emotions, it’s not easy, but it will probably be the best help you can receive. I learned I’m not as unusual as I think I am, to work on being present and believe in the power of being vulnerable. Good luck to anyone who’s thinking about attending this course.”

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