Porn & Sex Addiction Therapy Blog

Welcome to our blog page. Here you will find a range of short articles about sex and pornography addiction and its impact on partners – and also on society. We aim to write at least two blogs a month. Some will be extracts from books written by Paula Hall, some are about news items that have recently been in the press. We also like to write about some of the controversies in sex and porn addiction as we’re aware of what a huge impact they can have on people struggling with this problem and also those of us that work in the field. Please do have a browse and if you find something that interests you, please do feel free to share with friends on social media as, or if, appropriate.

2019 What was I thinking? How understanding your thoughts can help you recover from sex addiction and beat porn addiction You wake up, the fog starts to lift from your mind, and the memories of the night before flood back in.  You pick up your... Read More 2019 Can I really stop my sexually compulsive behaviour? Building a new life without porn or sexually compulsive behaviour September is a month where life changes are clearer than other months.  Parents post the ‘first day at school’ pictures of their children on Facebook, the leaves on the trees... Read More 2019 Confessions of a group work sceptic Until shortly before embarking on the Laurel Centre recovery course, I had never been to any kind of therapy in my life. I thought I would never need it. That was for others. When things fell apart, I went for... Read More 2019 Rewarding our dog brain….in a healthy way What dogs can teach us about recovering from sex addiction and porn addiction Last week I headed off for my regular walk in Regent’s Park before seeing clients in our London practice and, as I often do, I found myself... Read More 2019 Relapse Prevention for sex addicts Summer is coming - are you beach body ready? It is that time of year when posters start to pop up all over the place asking if your body is ready for the summer.  Adverts are encouraging you to get... Read More 2019 Relapse prevention for sex addiction and porn addiction Advice for sex and porn addicts on not relapsing Staying sober from sex or porn addiction is not easy, especially when there is a dedicated season around Valentines to make people think about love, sex, relationships or meeting that perfect... Read More