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Welcome to our blog page. Here you will find a range of short articles about sex and pornography addiction and its impact on partners – and also on society. We aim to write at least two blogs a month. Some will be extracts from books written by Paula Hall, some are about news items that have recently been in the press. We also like to write about some of the controversies in sex and porn addiction as we’re aware of what a huge impact they can have on people struggling with this problem and also those of us that work in the field. Please do have a browse and if you find something that interests you, please do feel free to share with friends on social media as, or if, appropriate.

2021 Cognitive distortions and sex and porn addiction A cognitive distortion is another term used for the lies we tell ourselves when we want to do something we really know we shouldn’t do.  In other words, the bullshit we reassure ourselves with so we can avoid our conscience.   All... Read More Pornography use, moral incongruence and religiosity Please forgive me for using this blog as an opportunity for a bit of a rant, but there’s something I need to get off my chest. Those of you that follow our blogs will know that we generally use this... Read More New year, new you? Recovering from sex and porn addiction For many people 2021 has not started as a ‘happy new year’. We may all be glad to see the back of 2020, but I suspect many of us were not prepared for the devastation of a third wave of... Read More 2020 Reducing shame to help recover from sex addiction All of us feel shame. It is not an emotion that is openly talked about or admitted to. Shame can make us feel physically uncomfortable, we can feel our insides squirm, our faces flush, and a strong desire to flee.... Read More 2020 Breaking the cycle of sex addiction – part 3 The final part of this blog series of breaking the cycle of sex addiction will look at how to maintain your new life. Incorporating new healthy, positive lifestyle choices takes time. It can feel like a daily battle to mentally... Read More 2020 Breaking the cycle of sex addiction – part 2 Welcome to part 2 of our blog series which is looking at how to break the cycle of sex addiction. In part 1 I used the world of gardening as a metaphor to explain how sexual compulsive behaviour can take over our... Read More